Drunkard 016

Drunkard King !!!

Only One King in the Drunkard World.

Skill : If the King use for the profile picture and hold in the wallet 6 months.

The King will receive 1 Drunkard soldier NFT every 6 months till the end of the world.

The Drunkard soldier can resell to the others.

Also Have the same authority of The Drunkard World NFT Membership.


技能 : 當國王NFT存放係錢包並放係社交平台作為頭像維持6個月.

國王會每6個月收到1隻Drunkard sparta NFT 直至世界毀滅為止.

Drunkard sparta NFT可以售賣予其他人.

持有Drunkard sparta 一樣視為擁有酒鬼世界會員權利.