Drunkard 019

Drunkard Tiger 2022 He is a tiger always drunk by Wine.

He loves Chinese Kung Fu and he learn Drunken Fist.

Every time when he drunk .

he will using Drunken Fist fight everybody in the bar.

Skill : The owner of this NFT, drunk is very normal.

In the CNY, Say 虎虎生威 to the drunkard master .

Then will receive a bottle of wine.

(Yearly Mission)

每一次佢飲醉既時候. 就會用醉拳同所有酒吧裡面既人既挑戰.
技能 : 擁有呢隻NFT,醉對於你黎講已經係日常.
係農曆新年期間, 同酒鬼大佬講 虎虎生威.