Drunk In Fire He is Born in a accidental of fire.

So He only can drink above 50% AVB to keep his fire !

Don't Try To give Him Water !

He will Burn the water and Burn you as well !

Skill 1 : The Owner of this NFT .

Can receive a bottle of at least 50% AVB whisky for his life.

Skill 2 : Buying 20 Whisky from Drunkard The Owner

will receive a Drunk In Fire Demon NFT in her glass

Drunk in Fire 026 出生左一場意外既火災, 所以只可以飲酒精濃度50%以上既酒去令佢繼續燃燒! 唔好諗住俾水佢!水會立即蒸發甚至你都會被燒傷! 技能1: 此NFT持有者會收到一支50%濃度以上既酒 技能2:係酒鬼到買20支威士忌就可以獲得一隻Drunk in Fire Demon NFT玻璃杯