Drunkard 028 Drunkard Ma-Jyo

She live in a mountain hut and study ancient magic for 666 years

finally succeeded in making infinity crystals .

crystal combined with unlimited alcohol and magic 

can display the magic of rapid aging of red wine and whisky .

is the magic spell for summon wine.

Skill: the NFT owner using the profile picture in any social media.

after 6 months post on the social media

and say tag DRUNKARD and receive a bottle of wine

佢已經係山上既小屋修練左古老既魔法 666年禁耐.



技能: 此NFT持有者用佢作為社交媒體頭像6個月之後,

post 上社交媒體 tag 返酒鬼就可以獲得紅酒一次