The Drunkard World NFT Art

《The Drunkard World NFT Art 》

。每一個NFT等同於擁有「永久」Drunkard NFT Member會藉


獲得一個標示NFT member的會藉

。擁有會藉的你會定期獲得意想不到的酒、優先購買權限、NFT Member專屬的活動。

。進入The Drunkard World Discord群組,獲取最新酒鬼資訊,未來發展方向。


《Drunkard World NFT Membership》
最終會以Drunkard Co., Ltd核心準則做基礎
給予NFT Member最大價值及無限可能

< 會籍暫時只限香港🇭🇰地區使用 >

"The Drunkard World NFT Art"
The first batch will be on January 6, 2022
Meet everyone at OpenSea!

. Each NFT is equivalent to having a "permanent" Drunkard NFT Member

. Each one is a unique artwork
In the future, we will collaborate with different local artists in Hong Kong
"On sale from time to time"

. Once you have it, just contact the drunkard after registration and certification
You will be on the drunkard website
Obtain a club loan marked as NFT member

. If you have a membership, you will regularly get unexpected wines, priority purchase rights, and exclusive NFT Member activities.

. Enter The Drunkard World Discord group to get the latest drunkard information and future development direction.

. You can also auction/re-sell on other NFT platforms

"Drunkard World NFT Membership"
Eventually, it will be based on the core principles of Drunkard Co., Ltd.
It combines art and culture, wines, spirits from all over the world, and happiness-centered manufacturing bridges into one.
Give NFT Member the greatest value and unlimited possibilities

Membership is temporarily limited to Hong Kong area